Christine Zwicky (Christine Gallati on facebook)

Christine ZwickyI was born and brought up in Switzerland and moved to Athens in 1995. Ever since then I have lived the same area here in the centre of our capital. Greece has become my second home country and I am very attached to it.

I have been an English and German language teacher for adults and children for over 25 years and teach both languages at all levels. At this moment in my life I have decided to start a new professional cycle and so Into the Light – Centre for Encounters and Well-Being was created in my home.

Into the Light – family” supports and cares for parents-to-be at all stages, from the period before conception right through to breastfeeding. I am of the opinion that pregnancy and birth are part of the natural flow of life in the life of human beings and that the maternal instinct is an excellent means for handling all relevant issues that might come up.

I gave birth to two children under totally different circumstances and I realised how important it is to be in a calm, supportive environment when the time comes to welcome a new life on this planet.

More than 10 years ago, when I first read Eckhart Tolle’s “Practicing the Power of Now” (highly recommended!) I became more aware of my personal spiritual path. Since then I have been attending seminars in different areas of alternative healing methods (Reiki, shamanism etc.) and decided to dedicate part of my life to learning, offering and sharing studies on the miracle of body, soul and mind as a unity.

«Into the Light – music» and «Into the Light – language» are two more parts of the centre where different kinds of activities will be organised. Music has accompanied me all throughout my life and offered comfort, joy and happiness on numerous occasions. I play the piano and guitar and take singing lessons regularly. Whenever it is possible I listen to music, preferably classical and jazz, but rock music of the 70ies and 80ies is also on my playlists.

Teaching the Greek language is and extension to one of my professional areas. Activities in this part of the centre will be organised as soon as «Into the Light – family» has started to settle in.

Staff members of «Into the Light – family»:

Rania Balabani

Ράνια ΜπαλαμπάνηI was born and brought up in Athens. I studied obstetrics at TEI Athens and I am a qualified doula (practical exercise). In the past years I have been teaching First-Aid Adults and Children-Babies and at the same time enrichened my knowledge by participating in seminars in prenatal treatment, support of pregnant women and parents-to-be, disorders around childbirth and Birthlight Yoga (Yoga for pregnant women).

My wish is to help women and be close to them during the journey of pregnancy and birth with respect and love and thus make it marvellous and unique!

Natasha Theodoraki

Νατάσα ΘεοδωράκηI was born and brought up in Athens. I studied Business and Administration with a Master degree in Human Resources Management. During my working life I have gained wide experience in the IT-Sector. I have done further training in psychopathology in infants, children, and adolescents as well as rhythmic movement. I am a singer and a songwriter. When I was pregnant with my son I attended numerous preparatory seminars for parents and for breastfeeding.

With respect for the magnificence of pregnancy, motherhood and breastfeeding I wish to embrace every new mother and offer my combined knowledge with true interest and love.