Seminar 2

Seminar 2 Pregnancy Part 1: 2nd – 5th month



Seminar 2 1

In this seminar we deal with everything that comes in the first part of pregnancy – the immense hormonal changes in the woman’s body, nausea, cravings, pain, all your mixed feelings, happiness, anxiety and so on. Part of the presentation is factual information, but there is a strong focus on securing the well-being of both parents with all its aspects, body, soul and spirit.


Except facts and dietary advice, we offer meditation, music, gentle massage if desired in order to support a well-balanced lifestyle in this exciting period that expectant parents go through.

Seminar 2 2.1


Seminar 2 3

You can exchange your experiences with the other members of the group and find support and comfort by interaction. Focus on listening to your own inner voice is a major aim here too, as in all our seminars.