Seminar 5


Postpartum period and breastfeeding



Seminar 5 1

A new life is born! Congratulations! Your baby and you need all the care of the world now. In this seminar we offer plenty of advice, strive to answer your questions, supply facts, relaxation methods, music and time for you to exchange your experiences with the other members of the group.


Breastfeeding is easy and the healthiest way to feed your little one – we will guide you through your first days so you can build up confidence when nursing your little precious and enjoy this special time with your baby.

Seminar 5 2


Seminar 5 3

We strongly support breastfeeding and will do everything to ensure you have a peaceful time when breastfeeding so that both mum and baby are looking forward to it.

Ιf required, we can organise visits from certified breastfeeding counsellors at your home.