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Into the Light . . .

. . . is a centre for encounters of all different kinds,
encounters that have a common aim:

moving Into the Light ...
through meditation, reflection, music, travelling,
stories, poetry and more.

Join us on our way,
be our guest and our companion,

become a friend if you like, a soul on its way...
Into the Light .

  • Η Θεραπευτική Δύναμη Μέσα ΜαςWorkshop Sunday, 21 April 2019, 11.30am-14.30

    The Healing Force Within Us

    How do we conceive our thoughts when dealing with our everyday challenges?

    How can we transform feeling and strengthen it on a more stable basis so we can deal with our outside world?

    Read more ...

Seminars for Expectant Parents

Nowadays, conception, pregnancy, birth and postpartum period are often deemed medical conditions which should be treated as such. Undoubtedly, regular visits to the obstetrician are important ... [Read more]

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Seminars for Expectant Parents

Therapy Centre

We offer Reiki and seminars where we practice meditation and non-violent communication. Moreover, we want to help people find their own relaxation methods. We address people in search of alternative healing methods ... [Read more]

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Therapy Centre

Music/ Cultural Events

We people from Into the Light like to express enjoying our life through music. It calms us down, allows us to be creative, comforts, offers relief, a time-out, makes us happy and relaxed. On our musical evenings we offer you the chance to ... [Read more]

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Music/ Cultural Events

Language Courses

Learning Modern Greek is easy and fun! In our 6-day seminars we learn Greek in our morning lessons and use it in the afternoon when exploring the city or countryside. We focus on every day vocabulary, oral communication, the Greek alphabet, ...[Read more]

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Language Courses