Music/ Cultural Events

Article Music Cultural EventsWe people from INTO THE LIGHT like to express enjoying our life through music. It calms us down, allows us to be creative, comforts, offers relief, a time-out, makes us happy and relaxed. On our musical evenings we offer you the chance to get in touch with interpreters and listen to live music. There is a focus on singing accompanied by piano but we enjoy other instruments, like the guitar, just as much. We are looking forward to you!

  • Music means joy, creativity, comfort, relief, time-out, relaxation
  • We enjoy listening to excellently qualified musicians
  • Singing with piano, or other instruments, accompaniment

Cultural events like public readings and exhibitions of works of arts are to take place in our centre. INTO THE LIGHT invites everybody to join in and offers room for a great variety of expression through art.

  • Readings
  • Art and photo exhibitions
  • Creative events of all sorts